‘The school is an incredibly rewarding and exciting place for pupils to learn. Pupils value the excellent relationships they have with their tutors and teachers. They love coming to school’ - OFSTED 2015

Curriculum & Learning at The Lindfield School

At The Lindfield School we pride ourselves in delivering an exciting, innovative appropriate and creative curriculum which prepares our students for adult life.

Our curriculum starts at KS2 with a comprehensive transitional programme providing learning and moderation opportunities for our transitional year 6 pupils including a summer school.

The classes are grouped as follows:

  • Keystage 3: Years 7 & 8 divided into 3 groups
  • Keystage 4: Years 9 & 10 divided into 3 groups
  • Year 11: divided into 2 groups

The curriculum has been designed to provide exciting and relevant opportunities for learning. We want our students to not only to gain new academic knowledge but our innovative focus on communication helps develop social communication and life skills. Our ILP objectives partner the curriculum focussing on Social interaction and independence. Our creative approach provides links across the curriculum, effective use of modern technology and out of school learning with our extended learning opportunities. (Homework).

The emphasis in Key Stage 4 is to prepare our students for life beyond Lindfield. Our primary focus is to provide students with the opportunities to gain meaningful and appropriate qualifications enabling them to access a wider range of opportunities Post 16. Our range of accreditation has increased in the last 3 years from only a couple of Entry levels and an Art GCSE to the possibility of leaving with not only Entry Levels but up to 9 GCSE or equivalent qualifications.

As most of our students progress on to local colleges we have close links with these placements with our Year 11 students attending taster sessions to prepare them for transition. We also have our own year 12 transitional group who are based at Sussex Downs college. They have access to a programme of study that includes numeracy, literacy, life skills and Btec photography whilst joining the college courses supported by Lindfield staff. Our Year 11 students also take part in Work experience with businesses and organisations in the local area.

We currently offer the following range of qualifications:

GCSE: Maths, English, Science, ICT, Art, Textiles

BTec (GCSE equivalent): Performing Arts, Leisure and Tourism, Food Technology, PE, Creative Media

Entry Level: Maths, English, Science, IC, PE

Other: Jamie Oliver Food Tech, Land Based Studies, Road Safety, Travel Training, Arts Award

The Lindfield School understands the importance and value of developing independence and confidence in our students. We therefore, encourage our year 11 students to take part in an annual residential experience.

Staff at The Lindfield School are mainly secondary specialist teachers providing an engaging, innovative, appropriate and balanced curriculum, developed with a view to promoting our students social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. Every effort has been made to deliver a motivating, exciting curriculum which is flexible enough to be adapted and personalised to match the particular needs of an individual or group of students maximizing their learning and progress. We have targeted interventions for students eg. buddy programmes and pupil premium enhancements that enable the delivery of a targeted reading and communication curriculum, focused on narrowing the gaps in these core areas.