‘The school is an incredibly rewarding and exciting place for pupils to learn. Pupils value the excellent relationships they have with their tutors and teachers. They love coming to school’ - OFSTED 2015

Our Mission Statement

The Lindfield School strives to provide a positive, safe and caring community where students are happy, confident and successful.

We recognise and respect each student as an individual, celebrate their successes, raise their self esteem and prepare them for their future by building on their strengths.

We aim to develop students' independence and empower them to become responsible young adults with the ambition to be lifelong achievers.

The Lindfield School Values 2016-2019

Core Aspirations of the Southfield Trust

We want all our young people to:

  • Be safe and well in the world
  • Achieve their potential
  • Build positive relationships
  • Make a contribution to society
  • Move successfully to the next stage in their lives
  • Make Choices
  • Be independent

Core Values of the Lindfield School

To give pupils the skills to:

  • Pursue a love of learning into adult life
  • Communicate confidently and effectively
  • Develop their independence in order to succeed in adult life
  • Form and maintain appropriate positive relationships
  • Promote their own physical and emotional health & well-being