‘The school is an incredibly rewarding and exciting place for pupils to learn. Pupils value the excellent relationships they have with their tutors and teachers. They love coming to school’ - OFSTED 2015

Lindfield School Staff

Senior Leadership

Kirsty McIlhargey Head of School
Jo Beaumont Assistant Head
Ben Gubb Assistant Head

Senior Managers

Amy Franklyn Computer Science
Anna Savage Art & DT
Nick Upton PE


Karen Rough English
Samantha Richmond English
Ian Hogwood Science
Jon Beaumont (Jan ’18) Maths
Catheryne Freeman Science
Julie Marks Cultural Studies
Piotr Osborne ICT
Aaliyah Hutchinson Travel
Sian Hutchinson Performing Arts
David Morris Music

Teaching Assistants & MDSA’s

Sonia Hollebon
Lisa Fuller
Ruth Palmer
Lesley Cable
Oren Gurney
Carole Clancy
Pat Smith
Anne Kitcher
Jess Lakin
Stacey Hume
Tim Deaves
Chris Hill
Megan Stratford
Julia Pearce
Nelida Flores