The South Downs Community Special School is a school that believes in working in partnership, where staff, parents and governors work together to provide the best possible learning experience for each child. Where parents feel valued and welcomed and where all adults care for the children and each other.

A school which is dynamic and innovative and where excellence is expected. A school at the heart of the community.

Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment where children recognise and achieve their best, so that they can make a positive contribution to society. We promote inclusion, equality and cultural diversity. Core British values are reflected in our school values. Our curriculum and assemblies are designed to help pupils be prepared for and appreciate life in modern Britain. We have a recognition of commitment from UNICEF for our whole school approach to children's rights.

The South Downs Community Special School is a School where:

  • everybody is welcomed and respected
  • everyone is valued
  • there are high expectations of all our pupils
  • we respect and care for everyone and everything around us
  • we work together as a team
  • learning and achievement is celebrated
  • we work to promote independence and high self esteem
  • we work together with all our stakeholders to be at the heart of the community

We have a very talented team of staff who are focused on delivering this vision for our pupils.

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