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Hazel Court School Curriculum 

Our main intent of the curriculum is that our pupils and student have access to enriching, purposeful and fulfilling lives in the future. We teach them functional skills through a range of relevant and practical activities that they can then use in a range of different settings e.g. their homes and their communities.  

The links below take you to our Curriculum Assessment Statements. These are the statements we use to assess pupils’ progress in our functional curriculum which teaches the core subjects: Maths, English, Communication and Personal Development.  

Each subject has ‘Learning Steps’ which is our way of determining what level our pupils are working at and what they need to learn next. All of the subjects start at Learning Step 6 and go up to 13 – 15.   

Each subject is divided into different headings e.g. the Maths has the headings: Maths for life, maths in the community, maths at home, personal finance and maths for life.  

The curriculum teaches functional skills that our pupils can apply in their everyday lives and we are passionate about them learning the skills they need for their future lives.  

Many of the learning outcomes in our curriculum are very relevant for pupils to learn at home and in particular these outcomes are often best taught in a practical way rather than a lesson.  For example, there are communication and Personal Development outcomes that can be developed whilst having a family dinner, shopping, playing at the local park and many more.  

We know that our pupils learn so much at home when with their families and in the community We wanted to make you aware of our curriculum to value this learning and highlight how this links with what we are teaching them in school.  

Please do contact us if you would like more information about this and about the specific learning for your child.  

Remote Learning Policy

Curriculum Assessment Statements: Communication - Expressive

Curriculum Assessment Statements: Communication - Receptive

Curriculum Assessment Statements: Communication - Social

Curriculum Assessment Statements: English - Reading

Curriculum Assessment Statements: English - Writing

Curriculum Assessment Statements: Maths

Curriculum Assessment Statements: PD - Independence & Autonomy

Curriculum Assessment Statements: PD - Personal Care

Curriculum Assessment Statements: PD - Thinking Skills

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