Curriculum - The Southfield Centre

Principles upon which the Southfield Centre curriculum is based

  • Learning is delivered and assessed (with evidence) through the Southfield Centre Learning Steps
  • The curriculum is fun, functional and for the future
  • Learning is delivered through pupils’ most receptive sense, with multisensory activities 
  • Access is supported by a wide range of AAC
  • Medical and therapy support is integrated throughout the school day
  • Social learning is encouraged through interaction and collaboration
  • Learning takes place in a range of environments, both within and beyond the classroom
  • Learning experiences are personalised for each pupil

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum focus & quality mark links

Curriculum Strands

English: Visual / tactile /auditory discrimination for reading and interpreting information from the environment.

Maths: Awareness of number, colour, shape, size. Understanding sequences and routines.

Science: Cause and effect, experiencing various sensory inputs, awareness of different environments

Personal Development: Independence, Personal autonomy, Problem solving, Sensory motor exploration, Play/leisure skills

Communication: Using communication systems, Advocacy, Making choices, Collaborative projects, Emotional Regulation

Physical Skills: Body awareness, Developing movement (e.g. rebound / hydro therapy), Sensory development, Personal safety, Accessing healthcare

Technology: Participation and access through social communication / food tech etc., Technology at home, at school & in the community, Online Safety

Humanities: History: personal sequences, temporal activities, Geography: my class / school / home / community / world, RE: understanding worship

SMSC: Social: enjoying others’ company, Moral: right/wrong, Spiritual: awe & wonder, sensory based, Cultural: understanding differences, British Values

SRE: Friendships, Trust, Relationships, Peer-to-peer respect


The Southfield Centre curriculum programme

Our curriculum in the Southfield Centre will deliver focused, skills-based, specialised learning opportunities for pupils with Complex Medical Needs. The focus is on core skills to develop engagement and access a variety of educational activities with increasing independence. The curriculum is predicated on the acquisition of skills developed through cross curricular learning experiences as follows:

Communication: receptive, expressive and social communication are key areas of development for our pupil cohort

Independence: over dependence upon a high level of adult intervention can actually inhibit pupils’ ability to learn how to achieve for themselves. We will always aim to give pupils as many opportunities to develop their independence as possible.

Developing relationships: EYFS pupils will be taught how to respond positively to others and learn the basic skills of social interaction; an extensive proportion of developing relationships will be delivered through play. Older pupils will be given frequent opportunities to develop friendships and relationships including collaborative activities and leisure time

Participating in a wide range of activities: teaching pupils to be receptive to wider experiences will enable them to develop their tolerance of different activities and resources.

Structured teaching to introduce very clear and organised learning opportunities delivered through a multi-sensory curriculum. Close liaison with families will ensure a smooth transition to the first years of school.

Evidence based assessment will record the accomplishment of each learning step.


School day

The school day is organised into a variety teaching and recreational sessions. However, within these sessions pupils will be given breaks, activities and care appropriate to their individual needs. There may be some pupils who will require a personalised timetable which will be developed by teaching staff.  

The Southfield Centre school day will run on following model:

  • 20 minutes arrival, health care liaison & registration;
  • 40 mins lesson 1; 40 mins lesson 2; 15 mins break; 40 mins hour lesson 3;
  • 1 hour lunch & lunch clubs; 25 mins registration/sensory time/physical development/therapy programmes/liaison;
  • 40 mins lesson 4; 40 mins lesson 5; 40 mins lesson 6;
  • 15 mins assembly, 15mins departure and health care liaison



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