Pupil progress

Key performance indicators and targets for the opening year



10 Key Indicators of Progress

  • deliver a sound and compelling progress judgement:
  • reference composite evidence and a number of criteria
  • use data as well as professional judgements
  • includes stakeholder assessment
  • provide an overarching, summative and holistic view of progress


  1. Summative progress data: collected from a variety of internal and external assessments is used to inform judgements about pupil, groups and whole school progress
  2. Overall lesson observation judgements: provides grades according to the current Ofsted criteria (1 – 4) and facilitate detailed, developmental feedback for each teacher plus broader whole school analysis of teaching and learning.
  3. Pupils’ learning grades: lesson observation data also include pupils’ individual grades based on two critical areas of learning: personal learning and curriculum progress
  4. Individual Plan (IP) evaluations: recording IP objectives provides a highly individualised record of progress for each pupil
  5. Attendance: attendance is monitored and reviewed during pupil progress meetings including any action required to improve attendance
  6. Transition: at the heart of our Trust aspirations is the belief that the school must do everything it can to enable pupils to transit successfully to the next stage in their learning. Data to support this indicator was collated from: summative data, IPs Stakeholder, EHCPs, EYFS, IPs
  7. Behaviour for Learning (incidents including medical incidents): This data is rigorously analysed by SLT. It also informs risk assessments, behaviour support plans and the need to consider alternative interventions
  8. EHCP Outcomes: progress towards meeting pupils’ EHCP outcomes, both long term and short-term objectives;
  9. Stakeholder surveys: Includes pupils’ views and those of parents and carers
  10. EYFS: EYFS assessment is formative and summative; judgements are made using staff observations and progress identified within the EYFS learning journeys which contain levelled and annotated evidence.


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