Vision Statement - Summerdown School


At Summerdown School:

  • We will provide a positive, safe and caring community where pupils/students are happy, confident and successful
  • We promote inclusion, equality and cultural diversity. Core British values are reflected in our school values
  • We recognise and respect each student as an individual, celebrate their successes, raise their self-esteem and prepare them for their future by building on their strengths
  • Our school will make a significant and positive difference to the lives of our children by inspiring them to learn, collaborate, contribute to their community and enjoy life

Our vision will be achieved by ensuring that each unique pupil/student with autism and/or SLCN is provided with the skills that they need to:

  • Generalise and use their knowledge to improve independent living
  • Live Healthy lives
  • Build friendships
  • Participate in society and their community
  • Actively engage in life-long learning and enhance employability


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