Core aspirations & values

Southfield Centre Core Aspirations

  • Become independent learners
  • Communicate needs, preferences and ideas
  • Develop physical skills
  • Fully engage in a wide range of learning opportunities
  • Make friends, foster relationships and enjoy spending time with others


Principles upon which the

Southfield Centre will be based

  • Maximised learning opportunities previously compromised by medical needs through dedicated on-site nursing care
  • Staff with a high level of skills and knowledge related to PMLD learners and complex medical needs
  • A specialist curriculum based on preferred learning senses and AAC to provide the best possible opportunities for learning
  • A rich variety of learning experiences delivered across multiple environments, with use of adapted equipment to maximise access
  • Improvement in pupil wellbeing independence and participation


Summerdown & the Southfield Centre Values

  • Individuality (be yourself)
  • Confidence (be proud) 
  • Enjoyment (be happy) 
  • Participation (join in)
  • Determination (be strong)

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