Vision & Values

Valuing our Individuals, Celebrating our Learning

Our vision at Hazel Court is to provide:

  • Independence and preparation for life after school
  • Inclusion, equal opportunities and knowledge of children's rights
  • A total communication environment
  • Challenging but realistic teaching and learning opportunities
  • A caring and nurturing school with opportunities to develop self-esteem
  • Team work and multidisciplinary working in all that we do
  • A close working relationship with parents/carers and all stakeholders
  • Well managed resources for the benefit of all learners

Hazel Court Core Aspirations:

  • To develop communication skills and be confident and effective communicators
  • To have choices and be included in the wider community
  • To be independent and prepared for adult life
  • To be supported by an ethos of collaborative working and close partnership with families
  • To be healthy physically and emotionally

In order to meet these aspirations, the two phases operate in slightly different  ways:   The Secondary Department aims are for pupils to be educated following a  mainstream model but with an emphasis on the individual needs of each child. The FE Department aims are to prepare the students for post school provision;   continued education and supported living. Therefore, the emphasis is on independent living, work experience and students being able to take part in activities with a wider range of staff and students.

Our vision and aspirations are reflected in our school values:

  • Talking and listening
  • Keeping safe
  • Working together
  • Being helpful and kind
  • Being independent

Pupil Voice & the School Council

Pupil & Student Charter

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