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The learning journey for each and every one of our students is very individualised, and we pride ourselves at Hazel Court School in the flexible and adaptable way that we support our learners to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcomes.

Hazelct042At Hazel Court School, we provide and deliver an exciting and engaging curriculum, which teaches our learners key skills in the core subjects in a way that is functional and relevant and which prepares them for their exit points and future adult lives.

Our curriculum is taught through a range of topics with a focus on personal development/behaviour for learning and subject based learning where relevant.

The curriculum at Hazel Court School is constantly being reviewed, developed, and updated, as we embrace new developments and changes in teaching approaches, methodology and assessment along with the expansion of specialist knowledge. Careers education and work related learning are embedded in the whole school curriculum and the school currently holds the Investors in Careers Award Stage 3 – Full Award.

Our medium term planning informs the target setting process. Individual learning outcomes are set and evaluated three times per year and these include personal development and curriculum (subject) targets depending on the needs of the individual.

Personal development and Therapy targets are set collaboratively with parents / carers, therapists and other relevant professionals promoting a holistic approach to each learner's education. Opportunities for our pupils and students to develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development are coherently planned and underpin our teaching and learning.

We recognise that all of our learners have an entitlement to access a relevant and functional subject-based curriculum but for those with more profound learning difficulties and complex needs we believe that their personal development, behaviour for learning and communication development is of paramount importance.

Learners are involved in the following, wherever possible:

  •   assessing their own learning (self- assessment)
  •   Identifying / suggesting own learning targets

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Learner Voice

At Hazel Court we have an ethos of learner choice and learner voice. We strive to support our learners' communication and their ability to express their views and opinions on all matters that concern them.

Hazelct093We have a Total Communication approach at Hazel Court School and use a range of strategies including specific augmentative and alternative communication systems to support this. We ensure our learners are aware of their rights and support them in their understanding of what this means and how these impact on them. 

The Pupil/Student Charter states:

  • Involve me in decisions that affect me. Encourage me to make choices abd give me the opportunity to give my views.
  • Support my right to be a part of the community

We have a Pupil Council at the Secondary Department and a School Council at the FE Department and each meets once/term

Our aim is for our learners to leave us as well developed, confident and independent young people who are ready to move on to and access the next phase of their lives.

Many of our students progress to our local colleges, and we work collaboratively with them to ensure that the curriculum we deliver and the ASDAN PSD and Personal Progress units we have chosen to assess, will prepare them for access to college courses post 19 and accredited at the end of Key Stage 5.

Transition is carefully planned each year and is tailored to each individual student's needs. This includes the students attending visits, taster days and weekly timetabled sessions.

Work experience is offered at different levels and may involve working with the school staff, with school staff in the community or working semi-independently at an external work placement.

At Hazel Court School we value our individuals and celebrate their learning.

For more information on our curriculum please email the school office

Hazel Court School

Tel: 01323 465720

Hazel Court Further Education Department                                             
Tel: 01323 438340


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