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South Downs Extending Learning at Home

At South Downs, all staff understand that each pupil is unique with their own individual learning needs. Therefore in accordance with the way in which we deliver our curriculum, we aim to provide a personalised approach for each pupil. 

All parents and carers can access a range of activities prepared by staff at South Downs to enable them to extend learning at home. These activities are designed to supplement areas of the South Downs curriculum according to your child’s interests and strengths - please click on the tabs below.

If you would like to discuss these activities, your child’s teacher will be able to recommend which specific activities and resources will be most suitable for you to deliver at home.


Extended Learning at Home Activities

Home learning Term 3, 2021:

East Site

Having Music Fun with AS/LT Class

You Choose! story with TH class

The Enormous Turnip with EE Class 

Making play dough with AS/LT class

Making slime with class EE

Counting Songs 1 with AS/LT class

Counting Songs 2 with AS/LT class

Making toast and singing songs with LB class!

Songs from LB Class

More songs from LB Class


West Site

LH Stories

What’s in the bag with LH class

Fruit Salad with LH class

LH Hello Song!!

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow with the Nursery Team

Down in the Jungle with the Nursery Team

Humpty Dumpty with the Nursery Team

Bear Hunt Story with HD class

Owl Babies Story with HD class

Making Sensory Bottles with CB class

Story time with EF Class

Music : moving and singing

Music : Tempo

Music : Rhythm and Beat

Music : High and Low

Music : Singing and Moving

Music : Tempo

Music : Make your own drum kit

What does extended learning mean to you?

Learning at home

Educational websites and home learning resources


My Diary

Alphabet desk strip

Early Years Maths Word Mat

Food Word Mat

Cooking Word Mat

Weather Word Mat

Family Word Mat

My Feelings Word Mat

My Body Word Mat

Transport Word Mat

Shapes Word Mat

Numbers Word Mat


Remote Learning - COVID-19

South Downs Remote Learning, COVID-19 Approach:

South Downs will provide the following support to parents and carers whilst any pupil is well enough to learn but who cannot attend school as a result of a COVID-19 restrictions:


  1. Teacher emails or phone calls, at least weekly

Your child’s teacher will make contact with you at least once each week to discuss any aspects of home learning. They will be able to advise you about how to deliver activities in a range of settings and will be able to signpost you to any relevant websites or online resources. If necessary, they may be able to email you further suggestions for activities.

  1. Individual Plans

Every pupil at South Downs has their own personalised plan (IP), based on their current individual attainment according to the South Downs Learning Steps. Your child’s teacher will send you a copy of the most recent IP. The IP will list the learning objectives for each curriculum area and will provide a general guide for you if you wish to extend these areas of learning at home.

  1. My Support Plan

Teachers create a ‘My Support Plan’ for all of the pupils in their class. This plan is designed to provide an overview of each pupil’s needs (e.g. communication, medical needs), information about their likes and dislikes and key relationships in their lives. The plan also includes details about any behaviour that pupils need support with and how staff implement strategies to enable pupils to regulate their behaviour according to the Zones of Regulation approach.

  1. Individual learning pack (for individual pupils)

When individual pupils are well enough to learn but miss their schooling as a result of a COVID-19 restriction, teachers will send home an individual learning pack. This pack will include a range of resources based on classroom activities so that parents and carers can continue to support some learning routines when their child is at home.

  1. Class learning pack (for partial class or school closures)

In addition to individual learning packs, our teachers have also prepared Class learning packs.These class learning packs contain 10 days worth of South Downs curriculum coverage to cover a 2 week term time period if any of our school sites have to close, or partially close, as part of a local or national lock down.

Home Learning November 2021

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