Core Values - Summerdown School

The values and aspirations of Summerdown School will reflect those of the Southfield Trust. 

At The Southfield Trust we are focused on preparing our pupils/students for the next stage in their lives, whether that be transitioning from home to a new school setting, moving to another phase of education, or entering the world of training and employment beyond the age of 16.

We believe all of our pupils/students have right to be happy, to be heard, to participate and to contribute. We have expressed this belief in core aspirations for our pupils/students and interpreted them in sets of values for each school.

Core Aspirations:

Our Trust Development Plan is focussed on helping all of our young people to:

  • Build positive relationships  
  • Make choices    
  • Be independent      
  • Make a contribution to society
  • Move successfully to the next stage in their lives                    
  • Be safe and well in the world  
  • Achieve their potential   

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